What we're covering:

  • The current state of Hometap.com
  • What's next for Hometap.com
  • What we learned in this process

The Current State

of Hometap.com

What is a CMS?

  • Content Managment System for websites
  • Manages static sites' pages and content (e.g. blog articles, team members, FAQs, etc.)
  • Allows marketing to edit Hometap.com
  • Helps us as a company put our best foot forward
  • Currently uses Webflow, a lightweight but barebone solution

What does Webflow look like?

Where is Webflow falling short?

  • One computer logged in at a time for our one account
  • Doesn't allow for more than 1 testing environment
  • No blog pagination, unless building each page by hand
  • Limits what we can build to within the tools Webflow provides
  • One tool trying to serve both Developers and Content Managers

What's Next

for Hometap.com

Time to Split Up the Tooling

New Tooling for Developers!

  • Just write code—for both creating the site, and managing the CMS structure
  • Infinitely more customizable options, since we are just writing code
  • Uses Github for single source of truth
  • We can have as many developers as we want working on it at once

New Tooling for Content Managers!

What We Learned

Write Less Code —

Leverage Open Source Communities
  • React - Popular Open Source Software with large developer community
  • Gatsby — Open Source Software, built on React
  • NetlifyCMS — Open Source Software, built on React

Leverage Microservices

  • Netlify — Super Secure Continuous Deployment
  • FileStack — File Uploading API to minimize development time on commonly used code
  • Airtable - Rapid prototyping (plus we have it already!)

Airtable as CMS???

From the beginning, we've looked at a lot of different CMSes.

One day I found this.
(Weird I know...)

We quickly discovered—
Airtable is a terrible CMS,
but an amazing prototyping tool...

A Surprise Demo!!

Warning: this is a prototype, please proceed with caution.

Inquiry Airtable Hometap Inquiry

Any Questions?

Thank you!